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Monday, February 06, 2006

Stones At Super Bowl

Stones Were Awesome, Right? Better Than The Game. As Far As I'm Concerned Refs 1 NFL 0. The Stones Really Cut Loose On Satisfaction. It Was Only A 3 Song Set But It Definity Left An Impression. Seeing 60 Something Year Old Mick Jagger Shaking His Butt Gives Hope For Us All.. So Let Me Know What You Think... Also By The Way I Just Listened To The New Rarities CD. I Give It 31/2 Stars. I Know There's Better Stuff Out There Because I Have It On Different Boot CD's I've Collected Over The Years. But It Will Due For Now. Hopefully The Various Labels The Stones Have Been On Will Deem It Necessary To Release More Material. I Will Not Hold My Breath However.. Take Care Talk To You Soon.... One More Thing, How About A Defintive 5 To 7 CD Box Set On The Stones.. What's Up With That..


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